I’ll say it again. “I’ve got just one word to describe 99% of the race……. B.O.R.I.N.G.”

Good grief. Even the World Series of Poker put on more dramatics than the Joliet race.

Pigtail: We now have the first rumor that someone else may be in the 45 car next year. It encompassed DavieRootman, but it probably won’t happen because he’s running so well as of late. However, there IS a rumor out there, so it’s within some realm of plausibility that Mr.Pigtail could finally be ‘taking care of business’ after this year. That’s about the only thing that’s gonna improve the performance of the 45 team……

TEI: Rumors abounded that she wanted to get out of the limelight and sell the racing portion of the business. Yep, another rumor, and this one might not have much merit. In response to this, Jr. said he wasn’t interested any more. DON”T BET THE BANK ON THAT COMMENT, cuz he may just be putting out a smokescreen, much like Smoke did recently with his purchase. Nowadays, it’s fashionable to speak with forked tongues in order to throw the media off their backs.

Zip it: Very surprising that Zippy isn’t going to follow Smoke next year. It could eventually happen, but apparently Zip wants a solid future and thinks that the new Smoke organization might have some growing pains that he’s not up to handling at this point. Still, it makes one ponder. You know what AmEx says about this………”yer crew chief…don’t leave home without ‘em”.

Another one: One small rumor that AssiGanassi and Mikie might merge next year. Due to sponsorship problems, this rumor might be close to the truth. This would make them a 4 team consortium, but they’d need to make up a lot of ground in the performance area. Both of these teams are presently in the third tier of owners (if that).

Dodge ‘em: A new engine is about to be introduced, and if it works out, it might give Oyota a run for its money. It’s about time that Oyota got some solid competition in the engine department. The next weakest engine seems to be the Blue Oval, although they have flashes of brilliance every now and then. Remember a few years ago when the Roushketeers dominated and blew the doors off everyone? Ah, but alas, they ran into the Fickle Finger of Fate.

Hype?: So we’re getting a huge dose of the ‘Joey Logano” hype. Real, or surreal ? He has the credentials, and just might be the next ‘Rowdy’ (good grief, I utterly hate that self imposed moniker). There are just a few drivers that come up the ranks with substantial records, and he just might be one of ‘em. He’s already made a dent in the Busch league, and may need a few more rides before he gets his Cup wings. At this point, JGR is equal (or better) than the Hendrick organization. I’m being lenient to the Rickster, cuz he’s got a good track record. However, from entry point to now, JGR seems to have the best act in town, and Joey may be jumping into the best available seat.

Truaxle: Yep, he’s still P.O.’d, and he’s letting the media flaunt his negotiation skills. He said he wanted to be considered for the #2 spot on the new Smoke team, but that may be another smoke screen (see ‘forked tongues’ above). Nonetheless, he’s on the ‘A’ list of available drivers and should have no problem getting a great seat for next year (probably better than where he’s sitting now).

Gordo: In the idle time at Joliet, Gordhead reflected on the past, where he almost knew in advance that his ride would be first class. Now he’s openly admitting that they haven’t figured out the COT. HEY, DUMBELL !! It’s the crew chief. He’s not prime meat. Dump him before he turns rancid (stinks to high heaven) and ruins your career.

Da Race: OK, I’ve got just one word to describe 99% of the race……. B.O.R.I.N.G. Who in their right mind wants to see a lone driver tool around in first place for the majority of the race? Even if that driver were your very favorite, it still would be boring. Da Flipster and JJ made brave (but brief) thrusts to the front, but nothing could obliterate the sole dominance by the 18 car.

Flip: Interesting how he wore the front splitter out, which pretty much finished him for the evening. This seemed to be the first time this has ever happened, and they may be more prepared for this in the future.

JJ: He finally got racy toward the end and even challenged for the lead. But in the last few laps he bounced off the wall and lost his momentum (da big MO). But, this was still a decent finish for this team.

Ya know, when it gets right down to it, that’s about all I can comment on. Pure and simple, the race stunk. The only thing that could have made it interesting is if we started the race all over again, and only concentrated on who was gonna be the first loser. Now THAT was probably the story line…….

Heaps of 3’s all over yer bag of M&M’s,
Racing Maniac #3, #88e