Anyone else besides me remember that song? In high school, for four years, in mixed chorus, it was the first song that the director would drag out and run through with us.

Many of you may not know (or remember… or even care) that I work as a contract computer programmer for the parent company of Valvoline, Ashland, Inc. There’s a sign outside our cafeteria that says that if Scott Riggs gets a top 5 in California, then we can wear jeans on Monday. Ray Evernham’s teams have run well at that track, so there is a decent chance Riggs can do it. Would that be “California Jeans-in'”?

Hopefully you read the Captain’s article on damage control for Mikey on the Daytona TV broadcasts. If you didn’t, you ought to. CLICK HERE to read it.

One of my favorite writers on the web is Carol Einarsson, who finally has her own web site, Race Journal Online. Carol is the writer who does “Cheers & Jeers” after each race, which is probably my favorite series not hosted on my own site.

Some of my other favorite websites include Ron Felix’s Insider Racing News, That’s Racin’, BGNRacing.Com, ARCARacing.Com, and last, but not least, Jayski.

Speaking of Jayski, it’s not like we’re really close, but I do remember corresponding with him regularly before he was even using www.Jayski.Com, back in 1996 when I first got on the web. I had a Geocities personal website called “Mike’s Strand of the Web” back in those days. Then somehow I met a guy named Von Hall, and the rest is history.

Speaking of history, this website itself will celebrate a five-year anniversary in April. That’s hard to imagine. It would be interesting to see all the different versions of the website since that time. Being a programmer, I’m never quite happy leaving things as they are; I’m always changing “something”.

Speaking of website changes, there was a guy named Ryan Seek, who was a great website designer. Ryan had a site called RaceZing Designs. Some of you might even remember him from Catchfence.Com, which I believe he started. He did many designs for me at the site I used to own half of, and also for, before he went into writing books full-time.

Somewhere around that time, I ran across some of Lori Munro’s fabulous cartooning, formerly featured at Lori graciously consented to draw several logos and caricatures for me over the years, such as…

Lori’s now gone on to fame and fortune as a radio start and partipant on Doin’ Donuts, Speedway City USA, Quick Change Radio, Inside the ARCA RE/MAX Series, and the popular Racer Dogs site.

For contrast, “I” started, which, just like my cat, goes absolutely nowhere.

If you’re still here after all this rambling, perhaps you’d like to hear the “Cold Nose” story?