Lady luck appeared in Las Vegas last weekend for Furniture Row Racing. The team finished the race with an impressive 24th place finish.

General Manager Joe Garone gives us the inside track on Vegas, qualifing, the competition and Atlanta.

Vegas certainly was a challenge for all of the Cup teams. The new surface and new left side “untested” tires proved to be a challenging mix for all of us.

Our team is beginning to gel in the areas of engineering, car prep, horsepower, and race prep. We saw signs of these elements solidifying at California, and then finally setting at Vegas. The results were seen in our qualifying run and race finish.

Our challenge now is to continue to qualify for the upcoming races. The goal is to run as many laps as possible allowing us work on becoming better at the science of racing.

Vegas showed just how difficult it has become to qualify. With mega budgeted multi- car teams like Waltrip, and Red Bull missing the races, it reinforces the fact that we are competing in the most competitive auto racing series in the world.

On to Atlanta….
The new configuration at Las Vegas is closer to Atlanta than it used to be. We will move into the race using the same car we just raced, and hopefully some of the things we learned at Vegas will transfer over to Atlanta.

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