math1. Add – add as many billions of dollars as possible, at anyone’s cost.

2. Subtract – eliminate all driver rights according to their rules.

3. Multiply – Change their rules as many times as they desire, whenever they desire to suit their plans.

4. Divide – Divide their statements into so many versions of accusations, insinuations and just plain down right lies that there’s no resemblance of truth to be found in any of them.

Even if everything NASCAR officials and David Black say were true, which I FIRMLY DO NOT BELIEVE, I still believe in Jeremy Mayfield; that’s my thinking, my feelings and my choice.

I know that Jeremy is an honorable man of geat integrity and goodness.

So NASCAR can beat down good drivers and crew members; and they can drag them through the mud and wreck their lives without any feelings of what it does to all the families, friend and fans who love and respect them.

NASCAR has a whole lot of power; but they can’t take away our right to think. They make a big mistake if they think they have that power.

I remain and always will remain a loyal Mayfield fan and friend.

Sadly, I am no longer a NASCAR fan.

Cher Lamberty