It’s just about the hottest time of the summer right now, and you’re going to be involved in all sorts of outdoor activities… maybe attending a stock car race at your favorite national or local track.

Whatever the activity, you’re sure to be able to handle much more of the heat with “Cool Off”.

“Cool Off” is a pocket-sized, natural cooling towelette. According to the manufacturer, it “alleviates heat symptoms due to weather temporature, hot flashes, sports, and outdoor activities, or anytime a quick, refreshing cool down is needed.”

These towelettes are made from natural ingredients including herbs, botanicals, and essential oils.

We had a chance to use “Cool Off” last Friday at a company picnic, where it was over 90 in the shade. The small pounches fit easily in our pockets, and were easy to open. The smell is pleasant and not too strong, but do these things work! I could tell an immediate difference from the heat after wiping my neck and face off. After also trying one, my wife agreed completely that these were very useful to help feel refreshed in the hot outside. All it took was a damp cloth over the area already “cooled off” and the cooling effect came right back.

The manufacturer cautions… we do not recommend using COOL OFF®:
*On or near your eyes
*After shaving
*On sunburn
*On kids under 13 years of age
*On your “privates”

One place to purchase these is Amazon:

… and they’re also available at other stores such as Duane Reades, CVS, and other drugstores. You can also get more information from their website…

I recommend that you give “Cool Off” a try… you’ll definitely “Cool Off”!