Silly Season In Full Swing… Oh, And Kyle Larson Wins at Michigan

(Photo by Chris Trotman/Getty Images)

Even with all the griping, warranted griping mind you, about debris cautions at Michigan, at the end of the day you have to find a way to persevere and win. And that is just what Kyle Larson did. Would he have won if the final caution had come out with about 20 to go? Maybe, maybe not. But the caution was called and he did win and that is all that matters.

On the way to Larson’s victory, Martin Truex, Jr grabbed two more stage wins giving him a league-leading 10. Call me crazy but I think Truex would rather have the race win, even in front a less than full stands.

Jimmie Johnson Has a Monster Day at Dover

(Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images)

Would Jimmie Johnson have won if the overtime rule was not in place? More than likely. So all the sour grapes about the overtime rules can be set aside. The rules are the rules and Johnson would more than likely have won no matter what. He was just simply better on the restart than those chasing him. And in typical Jimmie Johnson form, he only led 7 laps on his way to victory number 83, tying Cale Yarborough.

Austin Dillon Brings the 3 Car Back to Victory Lane

(Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images)

OK, so last week I said the winner would probably come from the top drivers in the All Star race and while possible, I did not predict a surprise winner. I also acknowledged that Charlotte can become a fuel mileage race but I wondered how the new stage format might change that.

Well, not much changed and Austin Dillon won his first race in a surprising fashion. Shows you how much I know, eh?

Kyle Busch Finally Wins A Race At Charlotte

There is a reason I don’t pay a lot of attention to the All-Star race. It’s at a 1.5 mile track known for aero challenges. The leader gets away and it’s all over. No matter what kind of gimmicks NASCAR puts in place with clown shows before the race, untested tire compound choices and stages, nothing really works to make for a really good race. The All-Star race used to be worth watching, but it hasn’t lived up to expectation in years. The only element I like is whittling the cars down so that the top 10 drivers run the final stage. NASCAR could add a twist where a driver or 2 gets dropped at each stage, mimicking the playoff format. That would make the stage racing even more compelling.

Truex Wins Kansas in Style

(Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images through NASCAR Images)

In a night where Ryan Blaney bested the field with his first pole, I guess it was no surprise that Martin Truex, Jr. would win at Kansas. He started third, he nearly won here a year ago and he has one heck of a fast race car. You can also look to the starting grid dominated by Ford and Toyota. The only Chevy in the top 10 was Kyle Larson in ninth. And if you look at the final grid, only two Chevys were in the top 10.