Why Dale, Jr. Retiring Is Such A Big Deal

(Photo by Rusty Jarrett/HHP for Chevy Racing)

Dale Earnhardt, Jr. always walked in his dad’s shadow. The Intimidator was more than just that on the track, it is something his children obviously lived with. For all the great things Dale Earnhardt did on and off the track, it is apparent that telling your son how proud you were of him is not something that came easy.

At Texas, Jimmie Johnson Didn’t Forget How To Win

(Photo by Alan Marler for Chevy Racing)

So Jimmie Johnson has had some trouble this year finding the top 10 this year let alone Victory Lane. And he changed tires after spinning out in qualifying forcing him to start the race from the back. While Ryan Blaney was busy winning race stages, Johnson was busy making his way to the top 5. Johnson did not lead the most laps but he led the most important lap at the end. Oh, by the way, Brad Keselowski hasn’t won a stage but leads with 10 playoff points by virtue of winning races.

Brad Keselowski is a Repeat Winner for 2017

(Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images)

Brad Keselowski won his first grandfather clock at Martinsville in what had to be the best race of 2017.

For the first time all year, the staged racing actually added a bit of excitement as drivers battled for position all day long. Not that the race needed two extra cautions, the drivers did enough of that themselves.