Every person has experienced a situation where they are driving behind a large truck on the freeway. These trucks have very large tires that have a tendency to kick up pebbles and rocks. This is very bad news for any vehicles that happen to be driving closely behind them. The stones and pebbles that are kicked up by these large trucks can often damage the windshield of the vehicle behind them. In many cases, the initial damage caused by the stone or pebble appears to be very small. However, small cracks can slowly get bigger over time if they are not repaired. A crack that is only half an inch can easily grow to be a foot long if the owner of the car does nothing about it. Do you have some damage to your vehicle’s windshield that needs to be repaired? If so, you will need to find a reputable company to perform the repair right away. The following advice will set you on the right path.Read More →

It seems like the cost of doing business gets higher and higher every year. The good news is that your budget doesn’t have to rise with the times! If you’re willing to think outside of the box and implement some unique money-saving strategies, you can sit back and enjoy a lower cost of business while your competitors are scrambling not to bankrupt themselves. Here are just a few ideas for getting started!Read More →

This is Frank from AmericanMuscle.com writing to tell you about our latest parts and build giveaway featured around 1997 to current model year Ford F-150’s.  We invite your fans/readers to enter here weekly to be entered in our drawing by 8/31/2017 as we plan to pick our finalist on or around 9/7/2017.  Entrants will have the opportunity to win up to $7000 in parts and accessories to modify their F-150 however they see fit.  No purchase is necessary to enter to win!

Worried about having to install parts or pay for labor? We will even credit up to $2000 for installation expenses at a shop near you!  As if it could get any better 🙂

Check out AmericanMuscle for more information

Front rendering after 2018 changes, by American Muscle
Front rendering, before 2018 changes (American Muscle)

Ford has been caught testing the 2018 F-150 redesign alongside the 2018 Mustang refresh with both vehicles cloaked in heavy camouflage. While the current generation of the F-150 was unveiled just in 2015, Ford is revamping it for 2018, giving it some style and powertrain updates.Read More →