Kyle Busch Battles Kyle Larson for Chicago Win

Chicago was a race of what ifs.

What if Clint Bowyer had not had any pit road issues?

What if Kevin Harvick had a car at the end of the race like he had at the end of Stage 2?

What if Aric Almirola had been able to stay in contention?

What if Ryan Blaney had been able to make good use of his front row starting position?

What if Kurt Busch had won Stage 2?

What if Kyle Larson had been even more aggressive with Kyle Busch?

Whatever the case, the race had almost something for everyone, from Dale Jr. yelling “Slide job!” to a great battle for the checkers.

What we are all talking about now is the battle at the end of the race between Kyle Busch and Kyle Larson. Larson going for his first win and Busch looking to regain his mojo. The two were taking different lines around the track until Busch decided to take away Larson’s line by running the high groove. It looked to perhaps work when Larson kissed the wall and dropped back several car lengths with the laps running out.

But oh no. That wasn’t the end of it, not even close.

Larson kept in the gas and closed on Busch. He ran him high, they touched each other and the wall, Larson slid in front of Busch and then Busch put the bumper to Larson to retake the lead. Larson somehow managed to keep his car pointed in more or less a straight line after touching the grass and finished second. That tells you just how far behind the third place finisher Kevin Harvick was.

Now we turn our attention to Saturday night and the highly anticipated 4th of July Daytona race. This is a wide-open race for anyone and everyone. Will the 3 car return to Victory Lane? Will Joey Logano finally break into the win column? Maybe Denny Hamlin? Or will the win monopoly continue for Harvick, Kyle Busch and Martin Truex?

Stay safe and I hope you had a great 4th you all.