Kyle Busch Wins a Laugher in Louden

Kyle Busch and Martin Truex, Jr led the way leading all but a single lap at New Hampshire Speedway in Louden.

The wreck at then end of Stage 2 collected Kevin Harvick, Kurt Busch, Dale Earnhardt, Jr and Truex among others, set the final stage for Kyle Busch to build a comfortable lead and keep Truex from challenging him for the win. Truex rallied to finish 5th but Harvick and Kurt Busch went to the garage, thus ending their day.

The race week got off to a weird start with Chase Elliott’s 2nd place finish last week being encumbered for illegal duct tape and then by so many cars missing qualifying after not passing inspection. It got so bad that NASCAR made Joey Logano sit in his car for the entire session. That’s right, not just parking him but making him sit in the car like some weird time out.

NASCAR has some odd rules and this one is sure the oddest. Logano could have spent time with fans signing autographs, which would have actually benefitted fans – but nooooo. NASCAR made him sit like a child in a time out for something he had no part in.

Take all that silly drama and add it to a race where the seats were vacant and Busch and Truex put a spanking on the field and you had a yawner and laugher of a race. There were 20 cars on the lead lap at the end, but no one could really challenge the two leading Toyotas. Toyota was so strong the put five cars in the Top 10.

The only drama was at the end where a series of single car spins created some cautions and restarts. Kyle Busch schooled Clint Bowyer on one restart and the others he just simply drove away from the other drivers.

Dover is up this weekend and it isn’t looking good for a few teams. Kasey Kahne and Kurt Busch are out unless they win. Ryan Newman and Austin Dillon are within striking distance of Ricky Stenhouse, Jr where if he falters, they could possibly point there way into the final transfer spot. Newman ran well at Dover earlier this year, but his overall history puts him near mid-pack. Historically, Kahne runs the best at Dover of the bottom playoff drivers, but not enough to make him a strong play for the weekend.

Unless bad racing luck befalls one of the other drivers ahead of them, these bottom four drivers look to be out of the playoffs by Sunday evening. None of them are running well enough right now to snare a win.

Lastly, I will only say this about the kerfuffle that our president has put NASCAR in. Owners can place any conditions on their employees as long as they don’t interfere with their legal rights. I stand for the national anthem but I also know that many people died for this country fighting for the rights and privileges we all enjoy. One of those rights is the right to peaceful assembly and protest. While I choose to stand, I will also stand by the right to protest. Men and women have given their lives fighting for rights we now enjoy. Sometimes those lives have been taken in war, other times during violent protests for the right to vote and other civil rights. When we stand, we honor them as much as we do the fallen in our armed services.

Respect the flag, but respect each other just as much. Start there and we should all be just fine.