Heather’s Musings After the Texas Cup Race

So we have made it to the first off weekend of the season and there have been mixed reactions on some things.

NASCAR made some changes to rules at the start of the season, rules that teams and drivers wanted. The question is, will NASCAR stay consistent?

Congrats to the Penske 2 team for playing the  suspension rule to a tee. Paul Wolfe was on the pit box for 2 tracks that are in the chase because they waited to the last night to Appeal  a penalty.

As for the consistant fail a tech station, wait your turn to start ALL over again STICK to you guns NASCAR. Yes there have been big names not make a qualifying lap but it sure has made for interesting racing from the back.

Thank you Fox for actually showing this racing instead of just the leaderes. There has been some great racing with the stages.

Thank you NASCAR for no Thursday practice at Texas to get cars all dialed in.

Thank you Texas for giving us a great repave and mega fun going into turns 1 & 2.

Cheers to the Ford camp for the HUGE improvement this season. Not sure if it’s the addtion of  Stewart Haas , but it seems to be across the board.

For all of you wondering about Hendtick slow start I think they found their groove yesterday  with 3 in the top 10. Johnson with the win and Earnhardt JR his first top 10 since last year.

Now who would have thought that Furniture Row Racing with adding a team this year would be the bright star for Toyota so far. Don’t worry JGR fans I’m sure the turn around is coming.

For me the jury is still out on the 5 minute clock for damage control. Worked great for Daytona but yesterday at Texas it seemed we had more debrie cautions than we had for most of the season so far. That 100 mph tape and infield garbage seemed to find it’s way on track.

I like the stage racing just wish the cautions were a tad shorter. But hearing that those laps may not count next season.

So going into this first break who would have thought that Larson and Elliott would lead the point standings.

May you find a bunch of eggs loaded with goodies. But most of all remember the true reason of Easter. Back to racing at Bristol in 2 weeks.

One Thought to “Heather’s Musings After the Texas Cup Race”

  1. Ken

    This race made me thankful that there are other things to do on race day than watch the most boring race of the year. I only wasted my time on about 25% of the race. I tried to watch it from the beginning, I tried in the middle and I tried in the end. At least I know to not plan around watching any race at this track again.

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