Has “Stage Racing” Actually Helped The Racing Any?

I was skeptic when I heard the announcement of Stage racing. The first thing that popped into my head was wow plate races are going to be wreck fests.

I figured Daytona and Talladega were going to be “oh no I’m in 11 or 12 spot I can make it 10th before we cross the line just let me squeeze in this small space or bump this car out of my way” Envisioning the reason I hate plate racing the Big One!

Well nothing of the sort happened at Daytona but as the season has progressed I have found the racing and strategy for getting stage points very interesting. It has proved that it gives us better racing.

I have stayed engaged in races, or if I had to dvr the race I know that stage break coming and forward through the pit cycle till I see we are ready for green.

With television and radio knowing that they have x time at this point in races is nice too. Television has done side by side commercials through the race not just the last x many laps.

Those stage points are adding up for some drivers and making the points interesting. We still don’t know how the bonus points are going to work come playoffs. But I feel the racing can only get better as drivers realize how far behind in those points they are. Races should only improve more over the summer leading into the Fall Richmond race.

Yes, a lot of the normal drivers are getting those points but there are some you would expect to be that aren’t. In point NASCAR is rewarding those that run a good race but just can’t make it to the end.

My hats off to the Monster Energy Series Cup drivers that have figured out at plate races it’s better to be there in the end for the win than the stage win at plate races. The Xfinity race Saturday was what I had been expecting as for the wrecks at Stage ends.

I also feel the five-minute clock has helped at plate races too. Plate races seems to be the only place that you really see the impact.

One Thought to “Has “Stage Racing” Actually Helped The Racing Any?”

  1. Chuck Abrams

    I do have to say I like the 5 minute rule to keep the trashed cars off the track, running for 39th place. But the stages have done nothing for me. I have yet to see how they will play out in the playoffs so that may change my mind. Since the points are reset at race 27 and every 3 races after that and the playoff points only are for seeding, what does it matter? But again, accumulating those points in the playoffs could be more interesting as they race and as drivers try to stay above the cut line. One thing that could happen is a driver that gets more playoff points by running well could beat out a driver with more wins but fewer playoff points. It will be interesting to see how that plays out.

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