Track Trash — A Glenning

Aside from the over two hour delays (2 Reds), this was an excellent race.trashbin

The dueling banjos at the end kept everyone on the edge of their seats.

Smoke:   It’s gotta be a very tough situation to go through, and could be even much worse than trying to heal after breaking his leg last year.   This time it’s not an appendage….it’s his brain that needs to heal.   Our thoughts are with the friends and family of Kevin Ward, Jr.

Flipster:   As time goes by, it is more evident that everyone knows Cousin Carl will be sitting in a Oyota next year under The Coach’s umbrella.   That being the case, it seems utterly stupid not to go ahead and announce it.

Marcos:   When asked by a reporter ‘have you decided what you will be doing next year?’, Ambros’ response was “I absolutely haven’t even thought about that.”    BULL FEATHERS!!!   (or something like that).   He should be made to sneeze three times for telling a fabrication like that.  You KNOW that he’s given it some thought, and at this point has probably almost made up his mind.

Gordo:   He and Ingrid went to the White House for a shindig this week, even going so far as to being on the same dance floor with the PODUS.   PODUS wanted Gordo to break dance, thus rendering PODUS as being brain dead about Gordo’s back problems.   NA$CAR is obviously not one of PODUS’ favorite sports.

Da Race:  What a weird one, starting out with Happy having an errant bean bag loose in his car, and in the way of his action with the pedals.   Then Cole Whitt did a nose dive into one of the tire barriers (a hard hit due to no braking).   Then Gordo, who was in 2nd place at the time, lost his power and was unable to get into the pits.

Da Big One:   Da Biff was coming out of a corner, slowed, and Newman ran into him.   Newman lost it and did a terribly bad crash into the guardrail (I’m surprised they still allow guardrails).  He then did a couple of 360’s, bounced back on the track and collected McDowell, who then had a more violent crash into the opposite guardrail, and in the process tore off his complete rear wheel assembly, leaving it hanging above the guardrail.   Nasty, very nasty wrecks, but they all walked away.   Afterwards, Newman called this track “antiquated” (ie, that it needed many, many modern upgrades in order to provide more safety for the drivers).   The damaged guardrails caused a very lengthy (1 ½ hour) Red Flag session, allowing all the drivers to go back to their pits for more strategy with their crew chiefs.

Delay #2:   Yeah, that was Denny running into the barrels at the beginning of pit road, smashing them and causing the rocks in them to be distributed over pit road….and adding another ¾ hour delay to the race.

The End:  Many were worried about running out of fuel, but several Yellows at the end allowed all to run to the end.   And run they did.  It was the Dinger and Ambrose show, and they swapped paint and drove hard for the W…and entrance into the Playoffs.  On the last two restarts, Dinger had the lead position, but lifted on the starts, causing Ambrose to lift in order not to pass Dinger before the restarts.   Dinger will probably be warned by NA$CAR not to do it again, but that’ll be down the road.

Kudos:  To both Dinger and Marcos for excellent driving at the end.  To das Kurt and da Flipster for their efforts.   And especially to the rookie Kyle Larson.  If I’m not mistaken, this was his first visit to the Glen, and he again proved how talented he is by taking the 4th position at the end.  Kudos to Jr. for taking the Points lead.

Heaps of (old) 3’s all over your next Kimberly-Clark product,

Racing Maniac  (old) #3