Track Trash – Daytona Rose

Not bad for the first race of the year, but not living up to the excitement of years past. Let’s see what next Thursday offers.

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Smokeless: Yeah, he really screwed up (again). For a guy who wanted to do his “farewell” tour this year, the only way he’s gonna do it is via a wheel chair, or with a heavy back brace. Face it: he’s not gonna climb into his car for at least 8 weeks, and even that would be a remarkable recovery. Smoke, at this point you have nothing more to prove. We know what prowess you had as a driver, and assume you will not achieve that level again during 2016. Quit right now. Pack it in. We will not think less of you for doing so…..unless you want us to remember you during a shortened, and pathetic, “farewell” tour. Ouch…did I say that?

Vap O Rub: Sitting in for Smoke could be a life changing event for Vickers…..if he can remain healthy. He’ll finally be getting another ride with a major league team, and the support from one of the best teams. But his health record does not bode well for him in the long run. Several times now he’s had to unexpectedly drop out. We’re keeping our fingers crossed…….

Fox: For the most part, they were pretty good. The lone exception was MotorMouth Mikey, who easily grates at one’s nerves. Gordo gave a surprisingly good effort with a lot of banter, but at times looking like he was stepping on DW’s toes. Prior to the race, DW offered a suggestion to Gordo to say little, and hand off to another commentator, but this must’ve fallen on deaf ears.

Da Race: One thing is certain….the rules changes have not allowed the cars to easily pass one another on the Super Speedways (but the cookie cutters may be another story). Very few passes, especially with the un-matching of bumpers which does not safely allow bump drafting. Thus, if you’re on the pole or somehow are running up front, you have a good chance of remaining there for a while.

Da Race ll: Three (3) “Big Ones” during the race, which knocked out a bunch of innocent cars. The drivers all said that this was a ‘throwaway’ race, cuz it wasn’t a Points race, but many cars never had the chance to compete for the Win. But wait…..this could happen during next Sunday’s 500 race. As bad as bump drafting was in the past, it did allow cars to be pushed into the lead (thus making the race that much more interesting).

Segment 1: At the end of this 25 lap segment, Vickers blew a tire and started the first Big One. This collected about 7 cars, wiping out any chance for Jr., das Kurt, Happy, Bowyer, and several more. The scary thing about this was wondering if Smoke could endure a big time wreck like this once he decides to rejoin NA$CAR.

Segment 2: Two Big Ones came at the end of the race, the first with ‘3 to go’. Bradski got into the rear of da Flipster and turned him sideways. This collected Mears, das Kurt, Almirola and Dillon, setting up the first “Overtime” under the new rules. Under the “Overtime”, Mattyboy got loose and into Trueaxle, also collecting JamieMac, Danica, and Bradski.

Da End: Sprint Unlimited Race results page (pdf)

Bottom Line: I’m not optimistic about the Big Dance next Sunday. I could be wrong, but it could be a yawner if they don’t instill more opportunities to pass for the lead.

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