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tony-stewartAnother great race, with plenty of action.  Not many wrecks, but the on-track action made up for it.

Smoke 1:  He’s back in the saddle again.  Roaming the range in his faithful #14.  The question is:  Will he have the same drive and determination that KyBusch had after his accident last year?  Will his equipment be worthy of a Win?  Will he want to remember this, his last year driving a Cup car?  Stay tuned…….

Smoke 2:  Every now and then he speaks his mind.  This time he was right on the money.  He lashed out at NA$CAR for not enforcing the 5 lug nuts from a safety standpoint.   And yes, if things remain the same, sooner or later there will be a bad accident.  Imagine going into a corner at about 200 mph and having your wheel come off.   And seeing it bounce along the track, up and over the catch fence, and into the stands.  Some fans are gonna get hurt real bad, and at that point it will certainly be squarely on NA$CAR’s back.  Did I hear the phrase “multi-million dollar law suits”?   CHANGE THE RULES for safety’s sake.

Smoke 3:   A $35 K fine, and being paid by Smoke (the fellow drivers contribution is being sent to the Autism foundation).  What an utterly stupid thing that NA$CAR has done.  Jr. is also openly against the 3 or 4 lug nut situation, but no fine thrown his way.   Here’s another blind question:  If all the drivers are against the 3/4 lug nut situation, why don’t they convince their crew chiefs that they want all 5 on there, and tightened down?  In particular, what will Smoke do while on the track?   3, 4 or 5?

Smoke 4:   On Friday, NA$CAR indicated they will look into the need for all 5 lugs to be on, and tight.   Finally, they are bowing to pressure from the drivers, and just might do the right thing.  Too bad they had to be pressured into it, cuz it shows another weakness in their organization.

Da Race:   Fantastic racing in the daylight, probably much better than the once traditional night race.  Three, and a few times four wide racing on a short track.  And passing galore.  Aside from the stands being half full (at best), this was worth the price of a ticket.

Smoke 5:  For once in a blue moon, Smoke actually had his babe by his side before the race.   But sad to say, she didn’t give him any more luck than usual.  Just as he wound up racing last year, he ended up this race one spot short of Danica Land.  Thus, he does not yet have the KyBusch intestinal fortitude.

JGR:  No denial, they are the cream of the crop, and have pushed their dominance beyond what we had expected out of the Hendrick garage.   Da Flipster looked good most of the day, but we had reservations about his being able to overtake KyBusch late in the race.  Not to worry, he smacked KyB in the rear on the last lap and sent him off course enough for da Flipster to take the checkers.  The very first last lap pass in Richmond history.   Not too sure about what KyB is gonna say to him in private, but at least he kept his tongue in the after race interview.

For unofficial results from the Richmond April 2016 race, click here.

Heaps of old 3’s all over yer Xfinity (lemme know how you do it),

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