Track Trash – ’15 CMS All Star

$ 1 M is a lot of loot, but the biggest reward is to kick everyone else’s tail in the process.  Way to go, JGR

All Stars?:   This is supposed to be a race of All Stars.   It’s not.  At least they didn’t add Past Champions like Tlabonte and his rocking chair friends, but for this race to be taken absolutely serious, there must be a certain level of greatness factored in when picking who will run this race.   In this regard, I have a hard time acknowledging that Aric Almirola and A.J. Allmendinger deserve to be in the race.   And when it comes to Danica, she flat out does not qualify to drive with the rest of the bunch.  She has no past history, other than being a mediocre driver.   And let me throw in Greg Biffle.   Yeah, he’s had some hot times, but if you look at his performance in the last several years, he’s been no better than Danica.   There.   Those are my (very) long shots to even finish in the top 8 positions.

Gordo:   I’ve always been an avid (old) #3 fan.   When Gordo first came on the scene, there seemed to be a natural ‘confrontation’ between the 3 and 24 cars.   I used to go to CMS wearing a homemade “24 SUCKS” hat and was welcomed along the way.   I’ll now admit that Gordo has elevated himself to the utmost position in NA$CAR.   The fans greeted him with open arms just before the All Star race, and he rightfully deserved it.   Somehow I don’t think that JJ will receive the same type of accolades when he decides to hang it up……

Da Race:  They keep tinkering with the format, and seem to be heading in the right direction.   But NA$CAR’s  twist of “averaging” Segments 1 thru 4 makes it hard for the fans to follow and comprehend.   No one knows the “average” until NA$CAR announces it.  This is not how you seek to add new fans to the fan base….

2 vs. 4:   The majority of the time, 4 new Goodyear’s was the way to go.   But every now and then, if the car was really hooked up, 2 tires could do the job.   The trouble was that some of the ‘2 tire’ cars really didn’t know if it would work until several laps, and sometimes it was too late.

JGR:   If this is an indication of things to come, JGR just might have finally figured out how to tune their cars.  It’s good to see them become competitive again.  Welcome back, Kyle.

Roush:   They haven’t proven that they’ve gotten out of the toilet yet.   Yeah, da Biff had a flash of brilliance during the Showdown, but he didn’t pass muster in the All Star race, did it?

Congrats:   To Denny Hambone and his team for a great finish.   To JGR for their first All Star win in 24 years.

Heaps of (old) 3’s all over yer next Fed Ex Express delivery,

Racing Maniac  (old) #3