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From JoeyLogano.Com
From JoeyLogano.Com

The end is near, and once the NA$CAR season is over, perhaps the influx of viewers to the NFL games will be notable.

Nah, but it’s a good thought……..

Attendance:   What with the NFL’s admission that their ratings are dropping, they appear to be strongly considering shortening the game time by reducing the amount or length of commercials and ‘revues’.   The same could be said about NA$CAR (but nobody thought of it).   Yeah, commercials are a pain in the buttocks, but they are also a major source of income.  The TV networks pay dearly for the multi-year ability to broadcast the races, and this seems to be the only way for them to get compensated.   And if the income from the networks shrink, so too will the price of the commercials, and the income to the various teams.   Not a pretty picture for this sport.

Bowman:   Alex has exceeded his dreams thus far this year while stepping into the 88 car for Jr.   But he hasn’t nailed down anything for next year.   There may be a few bottom feeder teams offering him a ride, but he won’t be able to showcase his driving ability if he tags himself with a terrible ride.   A good placement would be to jump into the 10 car, but that’s not gonna happen very soon.   But SHR will eventually have to face the fact that if they want to run for the W’s, they’ve got to have quality drivers…..and Danica just ain’t one of them.

Attendance 2:  The stands were almost full, which is fitting for such a race.   And more were seated on the bluff overlooking the track.   But this must resemble Bristol what with all the campers and RV’s spread out within walking distance.  Smells like party time…….

Larson:  He spun on the first or second lap, then again about 85 laps later.  But lo and behold, he ended up in 3rd place.   Wow.

Joey:   Sliced Bread had a good outing most of the time.  He led a number of laps, but unfortunately his car was set up for short runs.   Most of the time, he ultimately lost the lead.  But the last part of the race fell right into his hands and he pulled the big upset.

At the end:   Mattyboy was in a commanding lead, but on a restart he dropped down to the bottom groove too early…..right into the path of the charging 88 machine.   So instead of winning, he did a wall job and ended up in 21st place.   Bummer, dude.

Moving on:   Vying for the Championship at Homestead are:  JJ (still no appropriate nickname), da Flipster, Sliced Bread, and Rowdy.   You know, I’d like to see some other driver win at Homestead instead of one of the “final four”.   But it seems like those in the Playoffs are mostly the cream of the crop, so it would be improbable for an “outsider” to win the race.   Improbable, but not impossible.

The Danica Zone:  Notables ending up in the DZ were:  Matty in 21st, Ricky in 23rd, Trevor in 28th, and (naturally) Danica in 29th (some 4 laps down).   Get a(nother) life, girl.   Even though you have the ability of getting good equipment and a good team, consider yourself as just another of the bottom feeders.

Kudos:  To Joey, KyBusch, Larson and Happy, but super kudos to Alex Bowman.

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