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Jeff Gordon, driver of the #AARP Member Advantages Chevrolet SS, celebrates his first victory of the season, 9th at Martinsville, Sunday, November 1, 2015 in the first round of the Eliminator 8 NASCAR Sprint Cup Chase race at Martinsville Speedway in Ridgeway, Virginia. Gordon advances to the Championship 4 at Homestead-Miami Speedway for his last race of his career.(Photo by Garry Eller/HHP for Chevy Racing)

(Photo by Garry Eller/HHP for Chevy Racing)

The end of this race was a good one.   A lot of Yellows (and one Red) that forced the race into utter darkness, but it was a good one.

Some advice:   Joey, the next time you mess with Mattyboy, remember the outcome of this race………

By the numbers:  According to Jayski and Sports Media Watch, “NASCAR hit another set of historical lows for Sunday’s race at Talladega.   NASCAR Sprint Cup racing from Talladega, the sixth race in the Chase For the Cup, drew a 2.6 final rating and 4.2 million viewers on NBCSN Sunday afternoon – down 13% in ratings and 11% in viewership from last year (3.0, 4.8M) and down 16% and 14%, respectively, from 2013 (3.1, 4.9M), both of which aired on ESPN.”    Although one could say that viewership may be tilted due to many fans not having “the full TV package” so they can see races on NBCSN, you would think that more fans might show up for the race and fill the stands.  This is not the case.   NA$CAR has not been progressive enough to get more new fans, and it shows in both attendance and viewership.  At the present rate of decline, it won’t be too much longer before big buck $ponsors will start heading for the exit.  At that point, we might start seeing go-cart racing instead of the big HP behemoths presently tooling around the tracks.   Hey, NA$CAR…….wake up before it’s too late.

Justin Algaier:    He got booted out of his Cup ride for 2016, and will be driving for JRM in the Busch league.  Do not overlook the fact that Algaier is bringing a sponsor with him (BRANDT), because in many respects, the sponsor’s dollars are more important than the actual driver.  One can look back on Maynerd bringing his daddy’s $’s to the #27 Cup car several years ago, and there are other similarities.

Da Race:   Well, it was predictable.  The stands were about half full.  Sure, there was pending rain, but this is the Playoffs!!   And any fan not occupying their seat should be ashamed for not witnessing a stupendous race (at the end).   NA$CAR, you idiots, why can’t you put out more hype, or give your excess tickets to our veterans??   Try anything, but get more interest in this (dying) sport.

Da Race 2:   More than enough Yellows, and sprinkled in with a Red that pushed the race into near darkness.   No, the uppity ups did not anticipate this race pushing the envelope, and the race was barely finished before candles were necessary to get the fans back to their cars.

My Bad:   OK, a month or so ago I indicated that Gordo would not win a race before he retired.   The racing Gods were on his shoulder today, and directed him to perhaps an easy win.   But the racing Gods were also having a heavy hand in the outcome of the race, what with the Payback that happened with less than 50 laps remaining.  Thus, Gordo gets a ride into the Championship race at Homestead.   Perhaps this is fitting.  He paid his dues, and is being rewarded just before he exits stage left.  As much as I disliked him early in his career, I’ll have to admit that I’ve mellowed with time.  (As long as he doesn’t pull a Labonte and take more races down the line, I’m good with his retirement).

Da Biff:   What a pitiful driver he’s become.  Perhaps it’s the engines and setups, but he drives like a … a Danica.   He tangled with Danica on lap 156, then spun out (by himself) on laps 237 and 287.   Does he not have any backbone?  Can’t he walk up to the Cat in the Hat and tell him to get his act together?   No, he just wants to run the races, not get hurt, and cash his paycheck.  Biff, do a Flipster and put in your resignation.  You just might enjoy life from now on.

Da Payback:   Several weeks ago I indicated that you should have no fear, cuz Mattyboy was gonna even the score with Joey.   Today was the day.   Matty and Bradski tangled with 66 laps to go, and this probably put a match to Matty’s hair.  About 20 laps later, with Joey running up front with the pack, Matty summarily dumped him into the wall.  The crowd roared.   All of the fans were electrified, and enjoyed what they had witnessed.   And shame on the fans that decided to stay home, because this one ‘incident’ was certainly worth the price of admission.   Immediately after the “nudge”, the driver, crew chief and owner of the 20 car were told they needed to spend some time in the NA$CAR hauler.   Oh, to be a fly on the wall….

Kudos:   To Gordo for finally winning a race during his last year, and making the Championship round.  To JamieMac for a great performance and finishing 2nd.   To Denny Hambone for his 3rd place finish, and probably putting more miles on his car than most of the others (he had at least 2 pit lane penalties, several dings to his car, and still raced back).   To Jr., for his unrelenting quest to get up front.   Finally, to Smoke for his 10th place finish, perhaps his best this year.

Heaps of (old) 3’s all over yer left wing AARP member advantages,

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