Not a bad race, but the stands were half full.  NA$CAR would call them half empty…..trashbin


TNT:  After 32 years broadcasting NA$CAR, it’s the last dance for TNT.   Lots of interesting announcers, including Ken Squier and Benny Parsons.   Toward the end Squier was mis-calling a number of races, but earlier in his career he done good.  Of the recent ones, I will miss Wally Dallenbach the most, as he was the first one to call the “Lucky Dog”.

Captain Morgan:At first glance one might allow Morgan Sheppard to race and become the oldest racer in NA$CAR.   But then he did the utmost stupid thing he could think of when he ran into the rear of Joey (who was in 2nd place at the time).   What a ridiculous situation, being sixteen (16) laps down at the time, and causing Joey to go to the garage.   This is what I would call a gigantic brain fart, and should hopefully end Sheppard’s Cup career.  And look where he ended up in the race…….

Ricky:   What the heck happened?   Did he have a spat with Danica?  Whatever it was, he finished an unexpected 9th place, the best Roush driver at New Hampshire.  (Not to worry, fans, Danica finished in 22nd place…..her norm).

JJ:   A bad day at black rock.   How could you possibly think that he would get two flat tires within 15 laps of the start of the race, the second with a wall job, and drop out?   This kind of luck belongs to the bottom feeders.

Bone dry:   Trying to out-guess Lady Luck, both Gordo and Happy ran out of gas during the G/W/C.  Both were lucky they didn’t cause a log-jam wreck in the process.   Kyle Busch was in the same boat, but managed to squeeze his tank bone dry and make it to the Checkers in 2nd place.

Bradski:   Aside from the very first part of the race, and towards the end where he was on two new tires, Bradski owned the race.   No other car did a better job of rolling through the corners, and none had the horsepower.   I still don’t understand how the Penske Fords can out-pace the Roush Fords.

Kudos:  To Bradski.  To Kyle Larson for a 3rd.   To FlyinRyan for a 5th.


Heaps of (old) 3’s all over yer next Redds Apple Ale,

Racing Maniac  (old) #3