4 Things to Consider When Buying Off Road Tires

When equipping your off road vehicle with tires, you can’t just go to the local auto supply store and buy the first tires you see. You need to consider how you intend to use your vehicle, and do some research on your tire options. Here are a few things you should think about before buying off road tires.

Weather Conditions

When do you intend to drive your 4×4 vehicle? If you’re going to be driving in the rain a lot, make sure to choose tires equipped to handle wet weather conditions. To withstand inclement weather, you can choose four-season tires, which offer some protection against all types of weather. For optimal weather protection, you can also choose to use one set of tires for the milder months and another set of tires for winter weather.


Most off road tires come with a tire wear rating: the manufacturer’s best estimate of its life expectancy. You can also check the tire’s Uniform Tire Quality Grading rating (UTQG is the US Department of Transportation’s standardized rating system). These ratings give you an indication of how long you can expect the tires to last.

Tire Profile

Tire profile has a big impact on ride quality. Low profile tires, for example, enhance driver handling, but they can lead to a harsh driving experience, especially when you’re riding over potholes and bumps. High profile tires, on the other hand, aren’t as stylish as the 40 and 50-series. They tend to have more sidewall, however, which makes them better equipped for the rough off-roading terrain.

Maximum Speed

When shopping for tires, it can be tempting to choose the option with the highest speed rating. Consider how often you’ll actually get to drive your vehicle at 150 mph, however. For standard off-roading purposes, you probably don’t need tires built for speeds above 130 mph.

Your off road vehicle deserves the best tires. When you’re in need of off road tires Charlotte NC, don’t be afraid to do your research before you buy.

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