AmericanMuscle’s 2018 Mustang Resonator Delete Sound Comparison Video

In the latest AmericanMuscle Exhaust Comparison video, we plan to leave your ears ringing! Justin Dugan shows off AM’s new 2018 Mustang GT equipped with Active Exhaust and provides an in-depth listen to all 4 modes, with and without the SR Performance Resonator Delete X-Pipe. Typically, one of the first modification that many Mustang owners will complete includes eliminating their factory resonator, equalling an instant increase in power as well as a loud, raspy, race car tone. The benefit of the 2018’s active exhaust is that it still gives you that authentic Mustang sound without waking up the neighbors every morning. Many know that can get old pretty quickly!

You can catch the side by side comparison, before and after the addition of the resonator delete X-Pipe, and also get a peek of the Active Exhaust in action, in this sound comparison video below. 

WARNING! Grab some ear protection and click the above video to view.