We encourage media representatives of all NASCAR Sprint Cup, Nationwide Series, Camping World Truck Series, or ARCA RE/MAX teams to send press releases to us for your teams.

Perhaps you’re a media representative of a sponsor who is involved in one of these sanctioning bodies? We’d love to hear from you as well.

As time permits, we love doing book, CD, DVD, and other product reviews, too.


We KINDLY ask that you do NOT send us your press releases about subject matter that has absolutely NOTHING to do with NASCAR racing, motorsports, or the sponsors of stock car racing or motorsports.

Also, at the present time, we are not staffed well enough to cover any type of motorsports other than stock car racing.

So if you’re associated with some other type of racing or motorsports (sports cars, IRL, drifting, etc.), feel free to send us press releases, but the chances are good that they will not be used at this time.

We’re very sorry about this, but we can only do so much given the staff we presently have.

The e-mail address is news[at]motorsportsnews[dot]net… please make the appropriate substitutions before sending.  We’re just trying to keep the spam down.

Note: submission of press releases does not guarantee their publication in the Stock Car Gazette E-zine or on this web site. Each release is considered on an individual basis and is selected for inclusion or exclusion based on the webmaster’s and/or editor’s opinions on what the Stock Car Gazette e-zine subscribers and MotorSportsNews.Net website visitors may be interested in reading.