ZUS Smart Dual USB Car Charger and Locator Is a Cool Tool For Your Car

zus-chargerHey, Mick Charles here! Long time no write. Yeah, what can I say? I’m lazy. But this little ZUS car charger and car locator was cool enough to get me up out of the recliner and writing again.

The kind folks at nonda sent us a ZUS Smart Dual USB Car Charger and Locator to check out recently.

It’s a compact little cigarette lighter plug-in device, made from German Bayer Material, which I’d hazard to guess is a fancy way of saying “plastic”. Designed in Germany, the tips and contacts are all coated with titanium to last longer. It’s small enough to tuck in a pocket if you want to take it with you in a friend’s car. The device has a built-in light so you can locate it, and both USB ports (2.0) have lights in them for easier plug-in of your cable.zus-car-locator

The locator part of the puzzle is solved when you install the ZUS locator app on your smartphone. According to one review from Amazon, “But probably the best feature of the ZUS is the car locator, which works even if you have no cell reception. The included app (iOS and Android) pairs with your smartphone and saves your car’s location once you turn the car off. If you forget where you left your car, simply open the app and the app points you in the right direction. Once you are within 500 feet of your car the app alerts you that you are near and should look around for your car. In my testing I found that this was pretty spot on accurate.” Unfortunately, I was unable to really test this feature. However, I do believe that the car locator sets this charger far above a lot of similar products in the same price range.

zus-both-apple-androidMy experience with the ZUS shows that where you get the most bang for the buck is in its fast device charging. The ZUS’s dual USB charging ports also push out an amazing 4.8A each, allowing you to charge two devices TWICE as fast as usual. My personal tests, which were for a OnePlus One smart phone, averaged close to half as much time to charge my phone as other chargers I’ve used.

Average retail seems to be between $29.99 and about $35.00, which might just be worth it for faster device charging and car locating services. If you’re interested, I’m sure Mike would appreciate you clicking on the below link, or look for the ZUS at other fine online retailers.