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A garage space is one that is so versatile in your home. If you don’t use your garage strictly for parking vehicles, it may be a craft corner, a handyman’s retreat, a car restorer’s workshop, or much more.

If you have looked for ways to cover a dull concrete floor, there are several options available. Before deciding on which garage flooring types are best for you, it is prudent to do careful research to explore the pros and cons of each option, which may include concrete staining, painting, an epoxy floor coating, or peel and stick tile.

Concrete Stain

Concrete stain can give an unfinished floor a more polished appearance. Staining your concrete floor is a budget option that works for many. However, do be aware that stain tends to wear away in areas that are heavily trafficked, which may cause an uneven appearance in the stain over time.


Some DIY project instructions call for painting a garage floor. Although this is another budget option, keep in mind that paint is likely to chip and peel away. If the garage is lightly used, this option might suffice. Otherwise, you might find yourself repainting the floor more often than you would like.

Epoxy Floor Coating

Although a pricier option, epoxy floor coating definitely stands out among garage flooring options. The epoxy floor system creates a seamless layer over your bare concrete floor. Many solids or patterned designs are available in the epoxy coating, so it is easy to match this to any decor in your garage area.

Peel and Stick Tile

Peel and stick tile can be used to cover a garage floor. This can give a more polished look to the garage if you are planning to use the space as something other than a place to park your car. If you are looking to use your garage space as an extra bedroom or home office, tile can make the area feel more like a “normal” room in your home. However, over time, peel and stick tile does tend to begin peeling away from concrete, leaving you with the possibility of having to replace it.

When deciding what type of flooring to use in your garage, it is important to visualize how you plan to use the space. When you have an idea of the space’s purpose, it makes narrowing down a floor type much easier. With so many options to choose from, you will find the perfect flooring for your garage.

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