Important Tips for Changing Your Car’s Oil at Home

When it comes to changing your car’s oil, you can save a lot of money and extend the life of your vehicle by changing it yourself. Here are a few tips to remember when changing the oil on your car at home.

Gather Your Supplies Before You Begin

Consult your owner’s manual before heading to the auto parts store and confirm the type and amount of oil required for your vehicle. You may need to lift the car to gain better access underneath. You can raise the vehicle with car jacks and jack stands. A mechanic’s creeper with rigid casters can also help you roll smoothly and safely under the car. You also need to make sure you use safety glasses to protect your eyes. If you don’t have safety glasses, these can be purchased at most auto parts stores. Using old rags and latex gloves will help keep you clean while working. You also need to have wrench set to loosen and tighten screws, oil drain pan to catch the old oil, and a funnel for adding new oil.

Drain Oil When The Engine Is Warm

Drain the oil while your engine and oil are warm. Take special caution to place a drain pan under the drain plug before removing the plug. The pan will catch the old oil as it is draining out. Once the drain pan is in place, remove the plug and let the old oil drain out into the drain pan. Then, clean and reinstall the drain plug.

Change the Filter Before Adding New Oil

Remove your car’s old filter. Make sure to hold the filter over the oil drain pan so that any gunk from your filter will drain into the pan. Then, wipe the base of the oil filter clean and place the new filter. Tighten until the filter’s seal ring connects with the base. Be careful not to tighten the seal too much or it may crack.

Add the New Oil Last

Now it’s time to add the new oil. Make sure the drain plug is reinstalled and pour in the recommended type and amount of oil for your car using a funnel. Then replace the oil cap and turn your car on. Keep the car running for at least 30 seconds to let the new oil circulate. Then turn the car off and check underneath the vehicle for leaks. If there are no leaks and everything looks good, you can lower the car off the jack stands.

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