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How to Make Money from Golfing or Running

When one talks about sports in the United States, the first ones that come to mind are usually team sports. Baseball, basketball, and football are the top sports in the U.S., and the MLB, NBA, and NFL and their players, gross huge figures every year. However, you don’t have to play a team sport to compete and. You can even make money doing them. Here are two of America’s favorite individual sports and how you can earn money from them.


Running is the oldest, most inexpensive, and active sport. Running works your entire muscular-skeletal system and fantastic for getting your heart pumping. There’s no need for a gym membership or fees; go outside in your neighborhood or your local trail system. If you are a beginner, start by doing the run/walk method. Run for two minutes, walk for one, and repeat; this will build your endurance. To make money from it, you can train hard and become a professional marathon runner. According to, “The winner of the New York City Marathon, for example, can take home as much as $130,000.” You can also organize marathons in your town. You can profit from the entry fees, all while donating a portion to charity.


Golf is no longer just for the good ole’ boys. Anyone who enjoys the serenity of green fields on a temperate day can enjoy a round of golf. The membership fees and cost of lessons is worth the price for access to the fairway and to hone your skills. To earn money, you can go pro or play at golf tournament contests.

No matter what individual sport you’re playing, you can improve your health, train yourself to be excellent, and have fun! So get outside, enjoy the process, and make some money too!

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