Glickenhaus: Update from Baja 1000 2021


Repairing broken axle. Now it’s fixed, and we are on our way because of Baja. We tuned the car shocks to be much faster. Being much faster puts more force on all the components. Broken and replaced two axles thus far. Been racing for 18 hours and at race mile 490. More than 700 miles left to go.

This is a brutal race. A rock tore a CV Boot, and high temp grease leaked out and boiled the CV joint. Later, a stub axle built like a fuse to save differential broke after a massive rock hit. Jesse loaded up the road Boot, which has now driven from Danbury to halfway between Ensenada and La Paz with stub axle and tools. Race Boot fixed and continuing! We’re running Much faster than we ever had such forces when we hit something are huge!

In all this crazy competition and challenge, one thing we know is that we have a great team. Armada Engineering and First Mode are doing an incredible job. They work non-stop for Glickenhaus Boot, almost as devotedly. We are indescribably happy to be with people who do their job passionately for such a team.

We will share more!


Glickenhaus is based in Danbury, CT.

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