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Motorcar Cavalcade – January 14-15, 2023

This coming January 14-15, 2023 the annual Motorcar Cavalcade Concours d’Elegance returns to Miami— welcoming in the New Year and launching the winter show season in glorious fashion—at the renowned JW Marriott Miami Turnberry Resort & Spa.

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Motorcar Cavalcade gathers car connoisseurs and patrons of the finer things in life—to celebrate an incredible collection of rare, remarkable, seductive and historic automobiles in an exclusive garden party setting, overflowing with all-inclusive culinary and mixology pavilions.

The event combines and contrasts old and new, foreign and domestic, original and custom—ensuring a never-before-seen collection of spectacular and extraordinary cars; a palette of unique design, astonishing engineering and exquisite style all brought together in a tête-à-tête display of history, art, culture and beauty.

All told, Motorcar Cavalcade offers an unforgettable and unmatched unification of cars, cuisine and lifestyle. Simply put, a can’t miss event!

Special Summer Tickets are now available

All attendees enjoy an all-inclusive garden party setting including gourmet culinary pavilions, decadent desserts, fine wines, specialty cocktails, champagne and more—all available throughout the Concours day. Tickets are now available for $495 (normally $575) until Labor Day.

Tickets will be in high demand, yet offered in limited quantities, providing an intimate and sophisticated atmosphere. It is important that you secure your tickets before they are sold out.

Entrant submissions are now being accepted

Due to the unique nature of this Concours, which celebrates any and every distinguished vehicle—including current production models—anyone may submit any car for consideration.

Vehicle submissions will far outpace available space on the field, so please submit your car for consideration as soon as possible.

Sharing the Art of the Automobile

Welcome in the new year and launch the winter show season as we unite the world of cars, cuisine and first-class lifestyle as we feast, fête, flaunt and immerse in our world of historic and exotic cars.

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