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Kevin Harvick talks stepping away after 2023 season on SiriusXM NASCAR Radio

Kevin Harvick joined SiriusXM NASCAR Radio this morning following his announcement that the 2023 NASCAR Cup Season will be his last behind the wheel. Harvick talked about what went into his decision to retire, what’s next for him, and reflected on his career.

Kevin Harvick on his decision to retire: “There’s a lot that’s actually gone into it. You know, I think when I first started a couple years ago, just trying to decide when was the right time, I started quizzing people and there was really no clear answer. I think it’s a little bit different for everybody. The biggest thing I didn’t want to do was retire and then unretire. I wanted to try to do it the right way so that it was fair to my team and the sponsors and everybody to have sufficient time to run the race teams correctly and have the proper funding and do all the things that it took when I was done, because we’re just so tied to so many of the the sponsors and people and different things that it just, you know, it’s a snowball effect.”

Harvick: “So, you know, it wasn’t really all about me personally. I felt like there’s a lot of other things that are attached to it. So, you know, in the beginning I wanted to do it the Carl Edwards way, and just walk up on the stage and say I was done. But I think after talking to people and just understanding them, you know, the situation, and trying to be as professional as possible and be as fair as possible to everybody involved, I mean, there’s just, when it comes down to the fans and the people and everything that you touch, it’s important. It’s like your first time of anything, you only get one chance to do your last time. So we wanted to have a proper plan, and obviously we needed to talk to a lot of people and lay things out and really use the last year to pay respect to all the people and sponsors and fans, everything that’s been a part of my career, and try to try to do it the right way.”

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