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How To Choose The Best Classic Car For Track Day Fun

Track days can be a lot of fun. Most people hire a vehicle, thrash it around the track for a couple of hours, and then go for a burger and a beer in the clubhouse. 

But sometimes you want a car that you can take home with you. 

That’s where this post can help. We take a look at how to choose the best classic car for track day fun. Read on to learn more. 

Work Out How Much You Can Spend

The price of used luxury cars is usually significantly lower than you think. However, you’ll need to take the full cost of race day into consideration if you want to come up with a realistic budget. You’ll need to factor in things like the cost of entry fees, fuel, tires, brakes, insurance, and possible repairs. 

Don’t buy an extremely rare classic car and race it at break-neck speed around the track. You want something that’s fun, relatively cheap, and easy to maintain if something goes wrong. 

Choose A Car That’s Easy To Drive And Reliable

The next step is to choose a classic car that can handle the stress of track driving without hiccups. Remember, most older cars aren’t built for extreme sports, so they’re not suitable for track days. You want a model that the manufacturer built deliberately to take some punishment. 

Look for a classic car that has good handling, braking, cooling, and power-to-weight ratio. Try to avoid the temptation to get something that’s complex, heavy, or has a reputation for being temperamental. 

Choose A Classic Car That Matches Your Driving Style

The next step is to pick a vehicle that matches your preferences. You want something that really satisfies you when you drive it and feels natural. 

Consider the driving experience you want. Do you prefer agility? Or are you the sort of person who enjoys a front-wheel-drive car instead?

You’ll also want to consider the physical feel of the vehicle before you go ahead and buy. That’s one of the reasons why taking cars for a test drive is so essential. It needs to meet your expectations. 

Just remember, there is no right or wrong answer here, as long as you enjoy your car and feel comfortable in it.

Do Plenty Of Research

Next, before you commit to buying a classic car for track day fun, make sure you do some research on its history and how the previous owner treated it. Check online reviews and even classic car books for information and advice on different models and brands. These should provide an overview of the vehicle’s condition and how it will operate on the track. You should also get an idea about the experience of other owners and how they rate the car.

Prepare Your Car For Track Day

The last step is to prepare the vehicle for the track day. You may need to do various modifications at this stage to ensure it is in the proper condition. That could mean installing a fire extinguisher and a roll cage and buying a helmet for yourself. 

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