Don’t Sweat Your Next Race

Wearing a heavy, hot helmet while racing can lead to breaking out in a sweat that interferes with your activities. Getting sweat in your eyes or having it roll down your face can throw off your concentration and is just generally annoying.

NoSweat has created the first disposable performance liners for helmets that absorb sweat instantly while preventing odors, stains and even acne.

NoSweat thin liners simply peel and stick to the inside of headwear and feature SweatLock technology engineered to instantly absorb sweat. Moisture is locked inside the liner to help prevent dripping sweat, fogging, sweat stains, acne and odor.

Each NoSweat liner absorbs around 2 ounces of sweat. The liners are performance, safety and hygiene based allowing users to perform at their best, without distractions that are associated with sweating. The liners also preserve helmets and help keep the inside looking as fresh as the day it was bought.

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