Changes Coming at the FIA

Formula 1 decisions are made collectively between the different stakeholders but the commercial matters are handled by the Formula 1 group and regulatory matters and overall strategy for the World Championship are handled by the FIA.

With Jean Todt as FIA president and his former Ferrari colleagues Stefano Domenicali and Ross Brawn both working with the Formula 1 group, all seems to be nice and simple. They all seem to be getting along. But at the end of the year Todt has to stand down, having served three four-year terms as FIA president. He has reached his term limit.

One of the subplots of F1 in 2021 will be the election campaign at the FIA.

For the moment, it seems that there will be only two candidates for the job: Todt’s current deputy Graham Stoker is keen to get his chance of four years as the president. He turns 70 this year and promoting Stoker would be promoting the status quo.

There is a challenge in the form of Emirati Muhammed Ben Sulayem, who is 10 years younger but a more colourful and potentially controversial figure. Having a president from the Middle East would certainly make the FIA look more inclusive, rather than sticking with another European, but the federation doesn’t want to have any problems with Formula 1, which the primary source of revenues for the federation.

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