Glickenhaus: We Are Ready for the Baja 1000 2021!

Two years ago, we set off on our Baja adventure with our road legal Glickenhaus Boot. We drove through the Border into Mexico and raced our first Baja 1000.

We finished a very tough first race beating The Ford Factory Team Bronco by 270 miles. We learned a lot. For us, The Baja 1000 is our proving ground. We made a lot of changes based on what we learned, re-engineered, and came back last year for our second Baja 1000.  We finished 10 hours sooner, year over year, and again beat The Ford Factory Bronco this time by 5 hours and 15 minutes.  Once again, we learned so much.

We put what we learned into the 4 door version of our Glickenhaus Boot and re-engineered our 2 door race Boot which will be back for a third Baja 1000. As The Ford Factory Bronco is not returning we’re moving up from the class they were in up to Class 1 and hope to finish a bit higher overall in the more grueling 1200 mile Península run. It’s fantastic to be working again with Elliott, Darren, Viri, Shai, Erin, and Romain who drove for us at Le Mans. I’m also very happy that my Meg Cameron, The “C” in SCG, and Jesse’s Mom will be joining us and am so grateful for all of our Sponsors, fans, technical partners, and employees who have made this dream come true.

Driving from our factory Danbury, CT, to Ensenada is another adventure that we are currently doing. Our Communication & Media Director Pinar Ozyigit is driving the Boot with to Baja with an amazing team. Thousands of miles on the road. Seeing friends and fans, doing photo shootings, and collecting good memories is our only goal.

Part of the allure of the Baja 1000 event is Baja itself. The raw beauty of the landscape, the artisanal food and drink scene, the people, the culture, and the traditions of Mexico. When we create events at this race we try to immerse the team in the entire Baja experience to create unique, long-lasting memories. We design culinary experiences with local chefs using the pristine ingredients of Baja; the freshest seafood, garden-grown vegetables, artisanal cheeses, wine, and craft beer. During the “shakedown” test of the race car, prior to contingency, the SCG guests and Boot team will be treated to a fine dining “Safari Lunch” surprise in the middle of the desert.

This year is particularly exciting as we will get the best of Northern Baja as well as Southern Baja with the race finishing in La Paz. As the SCG guests wait for the racecar and the Boot team to arrive in La Paz, they will be given the opportunity to meet the best of the seaside town with a scheduled WhaleShark encounter, visit Isla del Espiritu Santo, and a specially curated evening of oceanside dining.

We thank all of our sponsors for their unconditional support! 

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