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Limited Edition 25th Anniversary Shelby Series 2 Coupe Breaks Cover

Naples, Florida – February 2, 2024 – Twenty five years after the Shelby Series 1 was introduced, Wingard Motorsports and Custom Coaches (WMC), through an agreement with Carroll Shelby Licensing, will open a new chapter in the car’s illustrious history by unveiling the new Shelby Series 2 Coupe at the legendary Revs Institute in Naples, Florida. With only ten of the anniversary edition fastbacks to be built by WMC, the prototype Coupe will be the centerpiece of WMC’s Shelby display at Saturday’s “Cars on Fifth Concours.”

“Our founder, Carroll Shelby was an innovator who constantly pushed the envelope,” said Neil Cummings, CEO Shelby Licensing. “We are pleased that Wingard Motorsports and Custom Coaches is continuing his legacy through their licensed Shelby Series 2 Coupe. The car that Bob Wingard and his team will offer helps fulfill Carroll’s vision for the Shelby Series 1 that we launched 25 years ago.”

Beginning in 2024, only 10 handcrafted, 25th Anniversary Limited Edition Coupes will be available for purchase from WMC through the agreement with Carroll Shelby Licensing; three all aluminum and seven carbon fiber body versions will be built by WMC. The cars are intended to be sold as rollers by WMC and details of this process are being developed by the companies.

Shelby American, Inc., President Gary Patterson will attend the vehicle introduction as part of a Shelby Series 1 Reunion over the weekend.

“The Shelby Series 1 holds a unique position in automotive history,” said Gary Patterson, Shelby American President. “Carroll Shelby built many cars in partnerships with several companies based on a chassis or design from those carmakers. Around 1996, he decided to produce a car that was pure Shelby. He named it the Series 1 because he always intended for the innovative chassis to be the first in a line of modern sports cars.”

The Shelby Series 2 Coupe is the evolution of that dream, offering super car performance in a modern two seat fastback coupe. The new Shelby Series 2 Coupe emerged from a licensing agreement between Shelby and Wingard, who continued the vison of the Series 2 and created a handful of Series 2 roadsters in both aluminum and carbon fiber car bodies. The 25th Anniversary Shelby Series 2 Coupe is a product of that agreement and marks the car’s next evolution.

“Several years ago, Wingard Motorsports purchased the remaining Shelby Series 1 chassis and parts,” said Bob Wingard, Founder of Wingard Motorsports and Custom Coaches. “We revised the car to reduce weight by maximizing the integration of billeted aluminum and carbon fiber components. We further refined the suspension, braking, and drivetrain to allow an increase of more than twice the horsepower of the original platform. The bodies are now lighter, and the platform will support over 1,100 horsepower.”

The Shelby Series 2 Coupe is built on the original aluminum honeycomb monocoque frame, which is still one of the stiffest chassis in the world with upgraded next generation hardware and materials.

The car has an almost 50/50 balance front to rear, weighing less than 3200lbs. It features inboard cantilevered suspension, massive 6-piston calipers braking system on all corners, custom 19” mono block performance wheels with the Potenza performance tires.

The roller can be configured for one of three powerplant options for finish by a company of the owner’s choice. Fans of internal combustion engines can mate a V8 through a torque tube to the 6-speed paddle shift sequential transaxle. Choices include a Carroll Shelby Engine Company 427 Windsor V8 or a Supercharged Ford Godzilla motor. WMS also has created a Performance EV package for those seeking a Shelby electrified sports car.

Each Series 2 anniversary Coupe will be a unique and “one-of-one” vehicle by WMC. The Shelbys will boast concours fit and finish and a custom interior designed to accommodate most drivers with an incredible six inches of peddle adjustment. Aluminum bodies will be available in polished or painted finish with the Shelby signature racing stripes. The Carbon Fiber component package starts at $385,600 while the all Aluminum component package starts at $498,200. Drivetrain options start at $83,500, including motor, driveline and 6-speed transaxle.

“While the Shelby Series 2 is based on the first-generation car, it’s a significant leap forward,” said Wingard. “The Shelby Series 2 blends old school craftmanship and current technology, pushing the Coupe into super car territory. It is the perfect car for collectors and enthusiasts globally who want the ultimate in exclusivity and to be completely engaged with the driving experience.”

Each component car is a custom build and bears a Shelby American CSX5500 series serial number that will be recorded in the official Shelby American Registry. For more information and to order a car, visit

About Carroll Shelby Licensing
Automotive manufacturer and entrepreneur Carroll Shelby is one of the most famous and successful high performance visionaries in the world. He was also a pioneer for modern automotive licensing programs; beginning in the 1960s, he began licensing his name and designs for various products.  He founded Carroll Shelby Licensing Inc., which is the exclusive holder of trademarks and vehicle design rights for some of the most famous muscle cars and high-performance vehicles. CSL also holds trademark rights for Shelby-branded apparel, accessories and collectibles. For more information about the company or licensing opportunities, call (310) 914-1843, fax (310) 538-8189, write Carroll Shelby Licensing, Inc., 19021 S Figueroa St., Gardena, CA 90248, visit or

Wingard Motorsports and Custom Coaches
Founded and owned by Robert Wingard, Wingard Motor Sports LLC is a world class custom coach builder of Hand Crafted Aluminum or Carbon Vehicles delivering concours fit and finish to our most discriminating customers. Wingard Motor Sports LLC is the Solely Worldwide Authorized and Licensed Manufacture of the Shelby Series 2, Shelby Series 1 Parts, and Service and the FII 427 Roadster. For additional information, visit

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