We are back (sort of)….

We are back…. (sort of).

A couple of months ago, someone hacked into our website, and was able to basically take it down.  We lost our entire list of postings and author columns.  A big part of the problem was the webmaster (aka Mike, or me) not creating backups of the website regularly.  Well, I was going to get to it eventually.  Sadly, it bit me in the patookus.  Long time fans of the site might remember this happening in the past, also.  Yeah, I’m a procrastinator.

So I am in the process of trying to rebuild the website over the off season.  I was pretty disillusioned with NASCAR in general this season anyway, so I wasn’t highly motivated like I would have been in times past.

So stay tuned, and hopefully I’ll have it all back and running again (with backups this time, really!) soon.

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