Notable Quotables: Joey Logano on his Victory Lane Celebration

Check out what Joey Logano had to say about his post-race-victory celebration at Las Vegas…

“Oh, there was no debate, I was going to tear up the landscaping here.  The talk was last night we had a big PENNZOIL dinner, and the talk was I was going to do some donuts in the grass at the end of the race.  At the end of the race, not during the race.  So to be able to do that was super cool.  Great photo op, but I’m all about the big smokey burn‑out, so I said, well, I’ve got to do the big smokey burn‑out first, and I also didn’t want to go through the grass and have the splitter dig in and completely destroy everything and go flipping ‑‑ I thought ‑‑ I just saw it going wrong in my mind.  I said, I’ve got to do a cool burnout, which I thought was super cool, I don’t know if you guys saw it, but I got dizzy, and that was neat, and then I made a couple donuts in the grass.  That was cool.” (Penske PR)

Photo courtesy of NASCAR Media

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