Massachusetts X1 Kart Tracks May Close Forever?

A conversation with former road racer RJ Valentine of Hingham, MA revealed that he does not plan to reopen his X1 indoors on Wood Rd. in Braintree and X1 Outdoors on Rt. 18 in East Bridgewater.  Both race venues were very successful until the Pandemic hit motor racing hard.  In the case of the two local X1 go-kart tracks it was a death blow!

The two indoor tracks were designed to resemble European circuits.  On the right side of the venue was the city circuit and on the left side resembled a country road course.  During the winter the two circuits were sometimes connected for monthly Enduros for various teams in the racing leagues.



The 6,000-foot X1 Outdoors located on 49 acres in East Bridgewater was specifically built for the more powerful shifter karts.  Competitors on that track had to wear special vests over their racing garb to help them resist the powerful G’s when entering the that north side turn.

One of the high banked turns on the south side is used rarely.  It was similar the one on the Monza, Italy road course which hasn’t been used since the Indy Cars and Formula 1 cars raced together back in the late 1950’s.  When Valentine built the East Bridgewater track, he called it the Daytona turn due to its very steep banking


Valentine quipped, ” You know there was no way that I would have been able to open each track up.  We supplied the racing suits, helmets and the like.  The karts would have to be wiped down and sanitized every time the driver changed. There were restrictions on how many competitors and spectators we could allow into Braintree.


Even though the kart events were held outside on East Bridgewater track, there were similar restrictions.  I gave it a lot of thought and decided that it just wasn’t worth it. ”


Going further in the conversation RJ talked about turning the building on Wood Rd.  into either warehousingLife Sciences or the highest and best use.


Another problem is that many within the various racing crowd felt that it was too expensive to train in Braintree during the winter just to keep in shape for the oval, road racing and drag racing in the spring, summer and fall.



Somehow, we think that if some investment group came into the picture and would consider picking up pieces and try to make a go of it, Valentine might consider it.  RJ also was dealer for go karts, engines and racing fuel that also will end.  Also, he developed a form of track fencing shaped by large block similar to the big Legos.  The last time we checked RJ owned more than a dozen separate corporate companies.

Here’s a list of upcoming Tour Type Modified races for the reminder of the 2021 racing season.  Stafford Speedway in CT offers an Open on Saturday 8/21 and the Tri Track Open Modified Series returns to Seekonk Speedway for a rain date on Saturday 8/28 with other open wheel divisions,
Oswego Speedway in NY hosts the NASCAR WMT on Saturday 9/4. On Sunday 9/5 a Modified Racing Series event will held at the Claremont Speedway in western NH.  The NASCAR WMT has a Friday night offering at Richmond Raceway in VA on 9/10.  On Friday night the Modified Racing Series will appear at the Star Speedway in Epping, NH on 9/17.  On Saturday 9/18 the NASCAR WMT will see action at Riverhead, Long Island, NY.  Then on Friday 9/25 the Lake Erie Speedway in PA offers a Race Of Champions event.  The NASCAR WMT returns to Stafford, CT on Sunday 9/26.
Thompson Speedway in CT offers a Modified Open on 10/10.  Seekonk Speedway will host the final Tri-Track Open Modified Series race on Saturday 10/23.  There are also ROC events on Saturday 8/25 and Friday 9/3 at tracks to be named in NY State or PA.
Here’s the schedule for the MA Cruiser’s Cruise Nights at Patriot Place in Foxborough. On Thursday’s starting at 4 pm and ending at dusk, August 19 and August 26, September 9 and 23 and October 7 and 21.  The Wheels of Time of MA offers alternate Thursday nights at the Raynham Flea Market on August 19 and September 2.  Every Friday night the Connecting Rods of Scituate offer Cruise nights at Walmart’s on Rt. 106 in Halifax right into the fall season. (end)
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