New Name For The North East Motor Sports Museum

LOUDON, NH: When plans to build a new locally-based motor racing museum were created over a dozen years ago it was assumed that the museum would cover the history of motorized racing in New England and nearby places that touch the six-state region.
As the nonprofit went forward the board of directors focused primarily on the history of New England motor racing. Now in its sixth year of operations, the museum has clearly become New England focused. It’s a lot more local, in our back yards, than was imagined when the museum was founded.

And the word “motor sports” which also seemed right at the time of the museum’s founding, also came to not fit. Four-wheel-drive off-road vehicles are often termed “motor sports” which did not fully represent the racing within the region. “You tell me we’re going to see motor sports and I’m not interested. If you want to go see racing, I’m on board,” said museum trustee Mike Smeriglio as changing the “motor sports” part of the museum’s name to “racing” was addressed.

So, as of June, 2nd 2022 the North East Motor Sports Museum has a new name, “New England Racing Museum.” It’s shorter and more directly describes who we are and what we do. The old logo, signs, stationary, wearables with the museum’s original name are all being replaced. There is a wicked good sale of North East Motor Sports Museum wearables going on at the museum currently.

The new name “New England Racing Museum” clearly reflects the cars, motorcycles, photos, artifacts, books, helmets, trophies, and uniforms on display at the museum. Going forward the museum’s mission will be exclusively focused on preserving and educating the public on the history of motor racing within the New England region specifically.

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