Top Drivers to Watch at the 2022 NASA Championships

If you want to get a spot on the podium at the 2022 NASA Championships, you have to be prepared and very quick, and that’s where a few of the names on the entry list begin to stand out as some of the favorites at this year’s NASA Championships.

What’s also unique about the event is that even though it’s being held in California, neither the Southern nor Northern California regions of NASA race there with any regularity.

That means this is a track that no NASA driver gets to very often, so it evens the playing field a bit. Of course, many competitors will take advantage of simulator racing, but there’s a lot of nuance to WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca that doesn’t come through on a sim, which should make for some great competition.

We’ve looked over the entry list and put together a list of drivers to watch at this year’s NASA Championships. We think if you look over the entry list, your picks might vary a little, but not much. Standouts are standouts and unlike the stock market, past performance in racing is often a good indicator of future results.

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