Top Car Brands To Consider For Your Next Car In 2023

There are plenty of fantastic car brands out there and it seems like the increase in car brands and manufacturers has grown somewhat over the years. That means as a customer, you’ve got more choice of variety to choose from.

From luxury cars to the more budget-friendly options, there are plenty of car brands you should be keeping an eye on every time you’re due for a new car. With that being said, here are some top car brands to consider for your next car in 2023.


Design matters a lot for cars nowadays as often many car brands are a statement asset that drivers want to show off.

If you’re looking for a beautifully made car, then VinFast is a great brand to have on your to-buy list. As a leading Vietnamese automotive manufacturer, it offers a unique Italian-inspired design, combined with the modern luxury that you might be after with your next car purchase.

From the exterior to the interior, every element of this car manufacturer has been well thought out. They’re creating vehicles that have a high-level fo of sophistication, and a great driving experience that’s optimized for maximum performance and high functionality.

VinFast is making waves across the industry so it’s definitely one to watch out for when it comes to considering it as your next car purchase.

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The Tesla was a game-changer for many when it first popped up on the market. If you’re someone that’s looking for excellence in quality and a real tech-driven car brand, then Tesla is one of those car brands that you can’t ignore.

The US electric car maker has continued to perform well on the market and still, despite newer car brands cropping up, it still remains a popular car brand for many.

There are many areas of success that this car brand performs. From its powertrain category to the running costs, safety features, and infotainment systems in place. You can’t get much better than Tesla’s performance in many of these areas. 


Peugeot is an older car brand and one that has still retained a high level of popularity with many generations of drivers. It’s one of the biggest leaders when it comes to exterior design but it also does well within its interiors in comparison to others.

It’s considered to have some of the best in road handling and the dynamics of the car models over the years continue to come out on top every time.

If you’re looking for something more affordable but that doesn’t skimp on quality, then the Peugeot is an ideal choice.


Mazda has been considered a great car brand for many reasons and there’s a reason it continues to crop up in the top car brand lists across many notable car magazines. 

Owners will find that the Mazda offers many perks from its boot space to performance and child-friendly features. It’s often a family favorite when it comes to shopping for a car as a family household.

It’s up there when it comes to infotainment performance and a lot of the tech-obsessed and modern drivers are often wowed by the availability of entertainment within the Mazda dashboard.

There do tend to be some reported faults with the Mazda but this isn’t overwhelming when it comes to other cars on the market.

Alfa Romeo

Alfa Romeo is an impressive brand for those who are looking for a new car manufacturer to try out. It’s had a quiet rise in popularity with low sales over the years, but it seems like 2023 has become a year for drivers to try out this car brand.

Drivers of the Alfa Romeo will find that the car performs well in road handling, steering, and general ride quality. For driving pleasure, Alfa Romeo is definitely one that provides the goods. 

Alfa Romeo is a great one for child-friendly features, as well as offering ample storage in the cabin. For families, this is music to their ears and definitely a great option if you’re looking to upgrade your couple’s car, to a family-friendly option.


Electric car brands are going to be popping up more frequently in the coming years and Polestar is one of them. Matching the performance of Tesla, they’re providing a lot of satisfaction to those who have purchased one recently.

The design-led brand offers a luxury feel to its cars but still at a somewhat affordable rate. Polestar delights in many areas of car functionality from running costs to its safety features.

There are some great car brands on the market currently, so with that being said, make sure to explore the market fully before committing to one in particular!

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