Valentino Rossi does not rule out competing in the WEC in 2022

No one is surprised that after announcing his retirement from MotoGP at 42, the Italian Valentino Rossi continue competing in motorsports. In fact, whenever his schedule allowed, he has participated in different categories. The big difference is that in 2022 you will have enough time to do it consistently.

Darling Does It Again: Eighth Seekonk Championship In Reach With Another Win

SEEKONK, Mass. — Rehoboth’s Dave Darling’s season of dominance continued on Saturday, August 14, as the driver of the No. 52 inched closer to his record eighth track championship. Darling started towards the bottom of the top-10 in the 40 lap race, and without the luxury of a caution, the veteran sliced through the field, passing Mike Brightman for the lead at the halfway point. From there, he never looked back, holding the checkered flag once again.