Victory Lane Quick Quotes: Brad Keselowski

Check out quotes from Atlanta race winner Brad Keselowski from Victory Lane….

  1. They told me before the race you were 70 or 80 percent, but 70 or 80 percent in the car was all good enough to win.  You backed it up.  How did you do that?

            BRAD KESELOWSKI:  Good enough to get the job done.  I think first off, I’ve got to give a lot to credit to one, my wife, who’s standing in the back.  She was sick just like I was, and she took great care of me along with everybody in the care center.  I couldn’t be here today without them.  So thank you.

            And Doug Yates, we ran over a piece of debris with, I don’t know, probably 50 laps to go and overheated really bad, and I thought there was no way this engine would make it to the end, but Doug Yates and his team, they do a great job.  I’m pretty sure it’s all used up, Doug, but it’s in Victory Lane, so that’s okay, right?

            And then my sponsor Autotrader; they let me put for my foundation all the names of some veterans on the car to honor them.  Just a lot of really cool things that came together this weekend, and this is one of them I’m not going to forget for a very long time.


            Q.  And you’re the winningest Penske driver ever with your 60th win.

            BRAD KESELOWSKI:  Oh, yeah, I forgot about that.


            Q.  What’s that mean to you, Brad?

            BRAD KESELOWSKI:  I think any win means a lot, but that’s a big number.  Now I get to wear that yellow Mark Donohue helmet.  Yocum has been on me about it.  Now I can, Matt, so here we go, we’re going to wear it next week.

            But what a tremendous honor.  This day is — wow, I don’t even know how to put it in words.  I’m just excited for this team, first race with the new rules or whatever they’re called now, and to be able to win it, that’s really special, as well, and I know everybody here is excited about that, and just a great day overall for Team Penske and our Ford Mustang.


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