NHRA Podcast Interview: Bob Tasca III

Bob Tasca III lives the racing life as an NHRA Funny Car driver on the weekend but is the vice president of Tasca Automotive Group during the week. Tasca, of Hope, Rhode Island, shares insights into both on The Racing Writer’s Podcast, including:

• The mental battle of Sunday eliminations and not getting another run
• What it was like when NHRA went to a playoff format
• What Tasca is processing in the three seconds he’s down the track
• Learning to respect the power of a nitro car
• Joining the 300mph club
• Electrification in NHRA
• What it’s physically like to drive a nitro Funny Car and the sensation of speed and if you can lose that
• Dealership Tasca versus driver Tasca
• How his family coined the ‘win on Sunday, sell on Monday’ phrase
• Being surrounded by great men like his father and grandfather
• Having the dealership work serve as a distraction from racing
• The most exciting thing about drag racing

Listen here…. https://racer.com/2021/11/24/nhra-podcast-interview-bob-tasca-iii/

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