Westboro Speedway Reunion Set For Sunday, October 2, 2022

The Westboro Speedway Reunion is Sunday, October 2!  
Westboro Speedway was a high-banked 1/4 mile paved oval located in Westboro, Massachusetts that operated from 1947 through 1985.

The Speedway Mall is located on the site of the former race track on Route 9. (from a Facebook page)
Though Westboro was built for midget racing, the popularity of those open-cockpit cars started to fade from over saturation in the early 50’s. With so many midget tracks around, you could drive less than two hours from Westboro and see midget racing almost any night of the week. Suddenly fans were flocking to see cars race that looked like the ones they drove on the street. They wanted to see Stock Car Racing. After a few years of full bodied, mostly stock entries, rules were changed to allow chopping and channeling of the cars. The Cut Downs were born.
The crowds were back at Westboro Speedway to see the cut downs. The flathead engines, like the one in Red Sequin’s “L” eventually gave way to overhead engines and more radical designs and setups like the cut downs driven by Gavin Couper “0” and Fred Borden in Andy Smith’s #99.
There may be a cut down or two and some of the drivers from the era at the reunion on October 2 at the Westboro Shopping Center near Julio’s Liquors on Route 9. Relive the history of Westboro Speedway. Don’t miss it!
Photo is by Joe Baril from a Facebook page about the speedway.
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