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Meyers Manx Secures Presenting Sponsorship of NORRA 1000 Offroad Race, Debuts Remastered Dune Buggy Kit

COSTA MESA, CALIFORNIA, March 27, 2023— Legendary dune buggy manufacturer Meyers Manx is proud to announce its sponsorship of the prestigious NORRA 1000 offroad race, further cementing its commitment to the spirit of adventure that has defined the brand since its inception. Meyers Manx’s presenting sponsorship promises to boost the spirit of fun in Baja, where Manx will also debut the first of its Remastered dune buggy kits in the Safari class.

The NORRA 1000 has a special connection to Meyers Manx, which inspired the official competition after a Manx set the record for running the length of Baja California. A Manx finished first at the inaugural event in 1967, which was then referred to as the NORRA Mexican 1000.

The new Meyers Manx Remastered dune buggy kits utilize 3D scanning and digital tooling to deliver the most precise self-assembly set to date. With a purchase price under $10,000, the Remastered Kit democratizes both recreation and competition, enabling enthusiasts to build their own buggies and explore the breathtaking landscapes of Mexico—a fitting backdrop for the competition that’s known as the “Happiest Race on Earth.”

“The can-do spirit of those who first raced Baja is truly inspirational, and that same spirit that drives Meyers Manx today,” said Phillip Sarofim, Chairman of Meyers Manx. “As we innovate a new generation of vehicles, the trails of Baja will continue to be where we push the limits of what’s possible and uphold the legacy of adventure that Meyers Manx is built upon.”

With this presenting sponsorship and the launch of the remastered dune buggy kits, Meyers Manx is poised to make an impactful return to offroad racing and give a new generation of adventurers the opportunity to experience the thrill of exploring Mexico’s rugged terrain. Fittingly, the rugged terrain will also serve as a proving ground for the Meyers Manx 2.0 EV, the all-new electric buggy that will carry the brand into the 21st century.

It’s been over half a century since Meyers Manx first conquered Baja in 1968, and as the saying goes, “you can’t keep a good buggy down.”

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About Meyers Manx

Meyers Manx is a leading manufacturer of dune buggies and off-road vehicles, known for their iconic design and unparalleled performance. Founded in the 1960s by Bruce Meyers, the company has been synonymous with adventure, fun, and the spirit of Baja racing. With a commitment to innovation and a dedication to preserving the legacy of offroad racing, Meyers Manx continues to push the limits of what is possible in the world of off-road adventure.

Photo Credit: Potiker/Meyers Manx 

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