Wild and Wacky Wednesday From New London-Waterford Speedbowl

WATERFORD — Before the 2021 season started, X-Car driver Kaylee Symonds said she would be happy if he could grab a couple of finishes in the Top 5.
Symonds exceeded her expectations in a major way during the 25-lap X-Car feature Wednesday at the New London-Waterford Speedbowl.

Symonds was in third place heading into the final turn of the final lap. When the two front-runners, Cameron Liebal and Christian Herman got together and made contact with the wall, the door to victory lane was wide-open for Symonds. She grabbed the first win of her career to highlight the action during Wednesday’s Wild & Wacky Wednesday program.
It was also a big night for Ed Ryan Jr., who won both Super-X Car races to increase his point lead.
Devin Deshaies and Jacob Burns won 20-lap Legends races and Ethan Dion won for the first time this season in an ultra-competitive 20-lap Bandolero feature.
One of the night’s biggest accomplishments took place during the X-Car feature. Symonds was running a strong third when she was presented with an opportunity and took advantage of it.
“This means everything to me,” Symonds said in victory lane. “We have been racing since 2017 and this is the biggest moment. All the hard work, especially by my dad, paid off.”
Tim Burgess finished second for the second straight race and Chuck McDonald was third.
Ryan had a profitable night, grabbing his fourth and fifth wins of the season.
In the opener, a make-up from July 21, Ryan held off Dominic Abbatiello down the stretch to grab the win.
“I saw Dominic was getting loose, so I just kept my car on the outside so he couldn’t get a run,” Ryan said.
Abbatiello held on to finish second and Bill Porter was third.
“I definitely had a fast car,” Abbatiello said. “I think I just pushed it too hard during the final two laps.”
Ryan started ninth in the second feature, but was able to slice his way to the front. Devin Tate, who led for the first half of the race, finished second, which was his best run of the season.
“I think my car was even better in the second race,” Ryan said. “This is sweet. I didn’t think I could do it twice in one day, but I did.”
In the first Legends feature, Deshaies survived a three-way battle with Burns and Zachary Martinez.
“The car was pretty good, but I couldn’t get off the corner that well,” Deshaies said after grabbing his fifth win of the year. “But Zach and Jacob drove me clean.
Burn said he had some opportunities over the final laps.
“I thought I had Devin a few times, but he got me in other places,” Burns said.
The second race was a barn-burner, Deshaies took the lead from Burns heading into turn 4 on the final lap. But there was contact from Burns, sending Deshaies into the front-stretch wall.
Burns crossed the finish line first, followed by Paul Newcomb and Deshaies.
Burns injured his wrist during the confrontation with Deshaies and was unable to compete in the victory lane ceremony. It was his fourth win of the season.
Dion jumped to the lead at the start of the Bandolero feature and never lost it, despite some wild activity behind him.
There were three-wide battles for the entire race, with Milania Shilosky, Joel Newcomb, Brad Strickland and Allyha Desomma putting pressure on Dion. But he was immune to the heat behind him.
“”Actually, I don’t know how I did it, I just had a fast car,” said Dion, whose best finish prior to Wednesday was third. “I knew I had to keep those three fast drivers behind me and I did.”
Racing at the Speedbowl continues with a seven-division program. The Legends will be competing with added purse money provided by the Racing Guys. Also in action will be the SK Modifieds, the SK Lite Modifieds, the Late Models, the Mini Stocks, the Speedbowl Trucks and the Open Street Stocks. Qualifying starts at 4:45 p.m.
25-lap Super-X (make-up): 1. Ed Ryan Jr., Preston,; 2. Dominic Abbatiello, North Branford; 3. Bill Porter; 4. William Reiman; 5. Devin Tate, Preston; 6. Donald Berge, Uncasville,; 7. Dave Yardley, Kensington; 8. Bill Rheaume; Uncasville; 9. Will Rheaume; Uncasville; 10. Sean Skinner, Oakdale,.
25-lap Super-X Car 2: 1. Ed Ryan Jr, Preston,; 2, Devin Tate, Preston; 3. Dominic Abbatiello, North Branford; 4. Bill Reiman; Southington; 5. Bill Rheaume; Uncasville; 6. Sean Skinner, Oakdale; 7. Will Rheaume; 8. Bill Porter, Canterbury; 9. John Nunes; 10. Ben Castro. Oakdale, CT
20-lap Legends (make-up): 1. Devin Deshaies; 2. Zachary Martinez, North Kingstown, RI; 3. Jacob Burns, Bristol, RI; 4. Paul Newcomb,, Plymouth, Mass.; 5. Dennis Pantani, Branford; 6. Isaiah Newcomb, Plymouth, , Mass.; 7. Jake Silvia, Middleown, RI; 8. Brody Monahan, RI; 9. Joel Newcomb, Plymouth, Mass.
20-lap Legends 2: 1. Jacob Burns, Bristol, RI; 2. Paul Newcomb; 3. Devin Deshaies; 4. Dennis Pantani, Branford,; 5. Jake Silvia; 6. Brody Monahan; 7. Isaiah Newcomb, Plymouth, Mass.; 8. Joel Newcomb; 9. Zachary Martinez     , North Kingstown, RI.
25-lap X-Car: 1 Kaylee Symonds, Andover; 2. Tim Burgess, Norwich,; 3. Chuck McDonald    , Groton; 4. Cameron Liebal; 5. Matt Martel, Stafford; 6. William Lauber, West Haven,; 7. CP Burdick, Deep River; 8. Christian Herman, North Branford; 9. Matt Westover, Charlestown,; 10. Josh Piper, Clinton.
20-lap Bandoleros: 1. Ethan Dion, Oakdale,; 2. Milania Shilosky, Colchester; 3. Joel Newcomb, Plymouth, Mass.; 4. Allyha Desomma, Richmond, RI; 5. Brad Strickland, Uncasville; 6. Aiden Sullivan, East Hampton.
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