“Refuses to Lose” – Corey LaJoie Weighs In on the NASCAR ‘Greatest of All-Time’ Debate

Irrespective of the sport being considered, the Greatest of All-Time question is pretty much the most difficult one to answer. This is because there are so many parameters to consider as far as the personalities are concerned; when they were in their prime, regulations, driving style, and other factors. NASCAR is also not immune to the ‘GOAT’ debates, and they have quite a few worthy candidates. Recently, this question ignited a massive debate, and even Corey LaJoie chimed in.

The candidates were Dale Earnhardt, Richard Petty, Jeff Gordon, and Jimmie Johnson; the parameters were that all four were in their prime and in equal equipment in a ‘winner-take-all’ contest. LaJoie said, “It ain’t about the guy with the fastest car, it’s the one who refuses to lose. Gimme big E [Earnhardt].

Corey LaJoie was likely referring to how ruthless Dale Earnhardt Sr was on the racetrack. To be perfectly honest, he isn’t wrong, as there is a reason he was known as ‘The Intimidator‘. The moniker came from his tendency to bump competitors from behind as he tried to pass them.

Who is worthy of being the NASCAR GOAT?

All four drivers are special in their own way and each of them has a genuine case in the discussion. Unfortunately, even when they did race against each other, at least one of them was not in their prime. From a statistical point of view, Petty, Earnhardt, and Johnson all have seven Cup titles each.

Petty eclipses everyone with an astounding 200 Cup Series wins, with Gordon as his nearest rival on 93. Owing to all of this, it is quite tough to judge who is the clear winner. One thing is for sure – they are the greatest drivers of their respective generations.

Let’s hear from you. Who do you think is the NASCAR GOAT?

By DHRUV GEORGE  (Essentially Sports)
Note: Corey LaJoie is the son of two-time Xfinity Champion Randy LaJoie who grew up in Norwalk, CT
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