Grala Has Scary Moment During The Daytona 500

We have our first lost tire of the 2022 NASCAR Cup Series and it came at the expense of Boston’s Kaz Grala at the Daytona 500.

Courtesy of The Spun, Tzvi Machlin
During Stage 1 of the race, Grala’s Camaro ZL1 lost a tire, which detached from the singular lugnut and flew out in front of his car, creating a major hazard that the other racers were able to avoid. Grala was avoid to avoid disaster and returned to his station to get a new tire.

“That was scary as hell,” Grala could be heard saying. “So if we could avoid that, I wouldn’t mind it.”

Grala is in his third-year racing in the NASCAR Cup Series. But it’s his first big race in Floyd Mayweather’s newly-minted racing team, The Money Team.

Unfortunately, The Money Team is going to be facing major penalties and suspensions over this incident.

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Announcers for the Daytona 500 made it clear that the only way Kaz Grala’s wheel could have detached the way it did is if the singular lugnut wasn’t sufficiently screwed in.

As a result, members of The Money Team are likely going to be suspended.

Grala has been one of racing’s top young stars for several years now. He owns the record for youngest racer in the NASCAR playoffs, youngest race winner at Daytona, youngest to compete in IMSA and youngest to compete in UARA-Stars – all when he was just a teenager.

Let’s hope that Sunday’s incident isn’t a sign that things aren’t going to work out for Floyd Mayweather’s upstart racing team.

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