Podcast: Uncut With Jay Cutler and Kyle Busch

Jay Cutler’s guest this week is NASCAR driver Kyle Busch. In this episode, Kyle talks about teaching NASCAR changing the racing age limit because of him, teaching his son the basics of racing, and his true thoughts on the new NASCAR cars.

Kyle Busch talks about growing up in racing, driving the Truck Series at age 16, teaching racing to his kids and the new NASCAR cars on Uncut with Jay Cutler

Kyle Busch joins Jay to talk about how he grew up in a racing family, and how young he was when he actually started racing at the age of 16. He also jokes that NASCAR had to change the racing age limit to 18 because of him racing in the Truck Series at such a young age, and even though Joey Lagano eclipsed his record as the youngest driver to win a Cup Series race he feels like the record is still his. Plus as a father, Kyle talks about teaching his son the basics of racing at age 7 and why he’s not a fan of the racing simulators on his off days. Kyle also talks about learning new cars, how the rules have changed on how many cars he uses in a season, and how his race team works from week to week. Kyle shares his thoughts with Jay on the new NASCAR cars and how he thinks there are positives and big negatives about trying to equalize the field.

Listen to Uncut With Jay Cutler and Kyle Busch – CLICK HERE

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