Track Talk – NASCAR Champ Joey Logano Shows Off His Car Collection

Middletown, CT’s NASCAR champion racing driver Joey Logano’s garage might not be as expansive or famous as former Tonight Show host Jay Leno’s garage, but he definitely has some interesting rides.

Like Leno, Logano is using his spare time to create videos on his cool cars, giving all of us a look at his collection. Logano knows which side his bread is buttered on, so his collection is entirely of cars from the manufacturer whose cars he’s employed to race: Ford. Leno, on the other hand, has some of almost everything except one brand: Ferrari. Making Logano and Leno’s collections as something of a Ford v Ferrari theme.

Click through the gallery to see Logano’s favorite Fords from over the decades. Which is your favorite? What car do you think he’s overlooked that he should add next? Remember, unless he switches teams, it will need to be a Ford!

Some info for this post was from World News, and some was from Design News.

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